Term Limit Resources

Gathered here are some resources meant to represent different viewpoints on term limits, taken from local, regional, and academic perspectives. 

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Brea First July 21 Term Limits Forum Video:

Councilman Steve Vargas's Term Limits Initiative

Articles on Term Limits for Brea:

Additional Articles on Term Limits

Term Limits Groups

Academic Articles on Term Limits

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  • John Beauman
    commented 2016-07-20 12:55:48 -0700
    Dear Mr. Held, the question everyone should be asking, “Is term limits necessary and why?” Also, what’s the rush and who’s pushing so hard to get it on the November ballot? Asking such questions certainly isn’t being biased as you implied; it’s being prudent and sensible regarding why Brea would even need term limits, and, just as important, is there a down side, none of which has yet been explored. What exactly would the voters be deciding on? Is it two or three terms? Is one better than the other? What is the benefit to the community of never being eligible for reelection? In regard to accusing anyone of representing outside interest or organizations, I noted that based on their principle business ties, so it isn’t just an ungrounded opinion. The people leading the charge for term limits do represent special interest as I had previously noted on Nextdoor, one of whom is not a Brea resident. Nor is Supervisor Nelson a Brea resident, so why is he involved in defining what’s best for Brea? Yes, most of the principle advocates being outsiders, does make me suspicious. If I was a developer with a major project on the drawing board, but did not have a receptive city council, what better way of replacing them with candidates who were favorable to my project, than term limits? Now that is not intended as an accusation against anyone in particular. But it’s certainly opens the door for that possibility, or perhaps probability. Brea is a unique city in that we have a lot of adjacent open space within our sphere of influence. Most Orange County cities with term limits are not faced with that situation. So, once again, as stated by our city council and former Mayor Bev Perry, what problem are we trying to solve with term limits? It was implied that it is one councilmember’s animosity against another long-serving councilmember? But, if that was the sole reason, why are outsiders the driving force behind it?
  • Scott Held
    commented 2016-07-20 00:02:37 -0700
    Mr. John Beauman- I honestly was hoping to read unbiased info being gathered here on this subject and make my own opinion and not read about comments from previous discontented people. You have already made it known how you feel on Next Door (Neighborhood bulletin).
    Before you accuse someone of a special interest or outside organization have the facts and present them to the council . As Rick Clark stated below"This isn’t the time to fire unsubstantiated innuendos across the bow of those you may be at odds with ".
  • Rick Clark
    commented 2016-07-10 21:37:07 -0700
    Why term limits? It’s a discussion, not a validation. Term limits are one part of a larger issue that includes campaign finance reform and a full review of all options available to Breans now and in the years to come. For, against, neutral, uncertain… bring your ideas to the table. This isn’t the time to fire unsubstantiated innuendos across the bow of those you may be at odds with or to preemptivelay put a measure on the ballot without the approval or support of Council and the people of Brea.
  • John Beauman
    commented 2016-07-02 18:23:56 -0700
    Again, why term limits? Councilmembers are members of the community and easily accessible. I am aware of only two councilmembers who served more than two terms—Roy Moore and Marty Simonoff. Roy stepped down after his fourth term, which leaves Marty. But why is this a problem? For those who think it’s a problem they can vote against him. If the majority think likewise, goodbye Marty. If the majority support yet another term, so be it, which is then the community’s choice. Term limits limits otherwise qualified candidates, and even narrows the field of qualified former councilmembers who may be persuaded to run again, such as Glenn Parker decided to do. Isn’t it is in the best interest of the community to let the voters decide, rather than an outside special interesting forcing the Council to comply with their wishe and their advocate, Mr Vargas?
  • John Beauman
    commented 2016-07-02 18:02:47 -0700
    So, what about term limits? Is it really in the best interest of the community? Why is Councilman Vargas pushing so hard, especially with an outside organization? It has to be on behalf of some special interest? But whom? Is it to stack a majority for future councils for certain but yet to be proposed projects? Hillside development?