Putting Brea First


January 18, 2016 (Brea, CA) – Brea community leaders have come together to form a new group focused on putting Brea First.

The purpose of Brea First is to protect the best interests of all current and future residents of Brea, California.

Issues of local government often do not get the attention they deserve. Over the coming years, Brea First will work at the grassroots level to put the welfare of the people of Brea first in the minds of its residents and business community.

One way to do that is through promoting a better understanding of how Brea’s government works today, and how it can work better tomorrow.  Matters such as the role of government, government transparency and accountability, education, the environment, public services, public pensions, water, veterans’ welfare, direct democracy, Brea’s history, our future, and more are all worth discussing and improving.

Our hope is that by bringing these issues to the fore we can find and promote solutions to the challenges we face as a community. In the spirit of former Councilman Roy Moore’s call for a “Clean Sweep” in response to a persistent lack of civility and productive debate, Brea First hopes to help the city turn a new page on the difficult and contentious, but tremendously important issues we face and focus on finding solutions.

For more information, visit www.breafirst.org, email info@breafirst.org, like Brea First on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.



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