Pension Reform Resources

At tonight's meeting, Pete Constant and Truong Bui will present their report on the City of Brea's unfunded pension liability and pathways to reform. Below you will find several recommended resources for you to learn more about the problems common among public pension systems, and how a series of municipalities have responded, as well as Brea-specific resources for you to educate yourself. 


Brea Resources

Analysis presented at May 12 Brea First meeting: City of Brea, CA Pension System General Health Review; Truong Bui, Pete Constant, and Anthony Randazzo; Reason Foundation - Pension Integrity Project; May 2016

Powerpoint presented at May 12 Brea First meeting: City of Brea Pension Analysis (two slide per page version)

The City of Brea's Comprehensive Annual Fiscal Report, FY Ended June 30, 2015

Roy Moore's Presentation on the City of Brea's Unfunded Pension Liability, 2013

"Troubled by pesky unfunded pensions," Terri Daxon on Roy Moore's pension event in the Orange County Register, March 14, 2013

Additional Resources

Reason Foundation's Pension Reform Handbook: A Starter Guide for Reformers, Lance Christensen and Adrian Moore

Reason Foundation's Pension Reform topic page

"Pension solution blooms in the desert," Leonard Gilroy and Pete Constant, Orange County Register, March 27, 2016

"Arizona Enacts Groundbreaking Public Safety Pension Reform," Leonard Gilroy, Pete Constant and Anthony Randazzo, Reason Foundation, February 16, 2016

"$1.2 trillion reasons to reform pensions," Editorial, Orange County Register, March 28, 2016

"California Pension Debts Revealed," Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee, March 15, 2016 

"O.C. Watchdog: Even though public workers paying more into their pensions, shortfall still growing," Teri Sforza, Orange County Register, December 18, 2015


Transparent California

Pension Tracker

Government Compensation in California, California State Controller's Office




How San Jose Took on the Unions and Saved Millions Through Pension Reform

How to End the Public-Sector Pension Crisis: Adrian Moore


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